YLÄKERTA | 14.10.–31.10.2017

All the cool shit is hap­pe­ning whi­le I try to enter­tain myself to death. I’m just sit­ting here veg­ging out in front of ima­ges, demo­nical­ly pos­ses­sed by bore­dom; expe­riencing the mar­tyr­dom of indif­fe­rence. Knowing no bet­ter way to lose myself in imma­nence. Always see­king new transgres­sions, always wai­ting for meta­morp­ho­sis.

MEANWHILE IN FINLAND the right wing revo­lu­tion is int­ro­ducing the most bru­tal, unjust and unre­strai­ned form of neo­li­be­ra­lism – rebran­ding Thatcherism to new ext­re­mes. It has been cho­sen to gui­de us into the sce­ne of post-democ­racy, to the end of the sce­ne of the poli­tical and social. We have lost our last fetish – democ­racy, it is depri­ved of its subs­tance, it sur­vi­ves as an emp­ty form. This illuso­ry poli­tical and ideo­lo­gical vacuum has been fil­led by the iden­ti­ty poli­tics. The so-cal­led tole­rant and progres­si­ve libe­rals, from the left and right, and their iden­ti­ty poli­tics (poli­tics of the self, poli­tics of con­duct) dic­ta­tes the cul­tu­ral and social discource, it defi­nes which are the legi­ti­ma­te “poli­tical” issues and domi­na­tes the media eco­sys­tem. This fuc­ked up com­bi­na­tion and con­fusion of libe­ra­lism, neoconcer­va­tism, neo­li­be­ral free-mar­ket ort­ho­doxy, lef­tist moral panic, popu­lism and the gen­der and sexual orien­ta­tion “poli­tics”, is frag­men­ting the col­lec­ti­ve sub­ver­si­ve poten­tia­li­ty. It is pre­ven­ting new radical poli­tical ima­gi­na­tion to emer­ge, and making impos­sible all fun­da­men­tal cri­tique and confron­ta­tions with the real ruling poli­tical and eco­no­mic eli­te. The depo­li­ticized and de-ideo­lo­gized iden­ti­ty poli­tics is desig­ned to ins­ti­tu­tio­na­lize social and eco­no­mic inequa­li­ty; to legi­ti­mi­se neo­li­be­ra­lism, to natu­ra­li­se it as hege­mo­nic ‘com­mon sen­se’. It is pro­vi­ding an ideal smo­ke-screen to anni­hi­la­te the last remains of the wel­fa­re sta­te, and to free­ly capi­ta­lize, com­mercia­lize and pri­va­tize eve­ryt­hing, wit­hout any restraints. NOBODY CARES. WHY? BECAUSE FUCK YOU THATS WHY. Not a hint of resis­tance, struggle or refusal, only their obe­dience, con­ser­va­tism, poli­tical cor­rect­ness, double stan­dards, essen­tia­lism, tri­ba­lism, mora­lism, self-righ­teous indig­na­tion, complacent solip­sism, self-absor­bed nai­ve­ty, delu­ded narcis­sism… We are trans­fixed at a sta­ge of appa­rent destruc­tion that doesn’t take place. It is kind of a thres­hold of iner­tia, trans­por­ting us to the ecs­ta­tic indif­fe­rence. THAT’S THE CODE, AND WE ALL LIVE BY IT. DILL WITH IT!

SOMETIMES I POST POLITICAL SHIT JUST TO PISS PEOPLE OFF, THEN I’M LIKE BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Politics of Indifference — exhi­bi­tion is playing with the frag­ments of the aest­he­tic and lin­guis­tic pro­duc­tion of rea­li­ty. It is a re-crea­tion of the ori­gi­nal copy­pas­ta, to be used as a illustra­tion of the domain of capi­ta­list rea­li­ty and its ideo­lo­gical space. It is a desc­rip­tion of the socie­ty and cul­tu­re in a sta­te of indif­fe­rence, implo­sion and ent­ro­py.

Teoksen toteut­ta­mis­ta on tuke­nut Taiteen edis­tä­mis­kes­kus.