Catherine Arsenault – Débâcle

VIDEOKOPPI | 13.5.-30.5.2023


Débâcle (a french term referring to spring ice breakups) draws its inspiration from the shifting courses of the St-Lawrence river during winter time. Through a search for the vast ice patch which usually clings to the Quebec North Shore coastline during the colder months, Débâcle bears witness to climate change and the fragility of our coastal territory.

Director’s bio:

Catherine Arsenault is a visual artist born in 1984 in Baie-Comeau, in Canada. In 2010, after completing her BFA at Université Laval, she returns to her hometown to focus on sculpture and drawing. Arsenault compiles numerous projects steming directly from the territory where she grew up, developing an increasingly multidisciplinary practice. Débâcle is her first animation short.

Artist’s statement:

My artistic practice is mainly devoted to sculpture, drawing and animation. Through these mediums, I approach themes related to nature and space. My projects are born in contexts of residencies where I draw, directly from the territory, forms, movements and phenomena which will constitute the anchor points of my visual research in the studio. Composed of a collection of sculptures, landscape drawings and research notebooks, my works bear witness to an intuitive exploration of my environment through which I reappropriate the landscape with a poetic approach.

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